Gala Convocation 2021: Celebration 2 of 7 – 23rd June


Convocation is a big day for our students. Donning that cap and gown and holding a diploma is an epic milestone for them all.

From early mornings to late nights, from writing tests to keeping up on deadlines, we know that the time was tough, but this was a moment for our graduates to look back on and realize it was all worth the work.

With a grand graduation ceremony, we tried to make graduation a landmark memory in their timeline. Day 2 of the convocation, i.e. 23rd June was emotional and yet a roller-coaster ride for many. Joining us were 80 students and their parents, and respected members from the IHS Board of Trustees.

We applaud and congratulate each one of our students and their parents. This one sure has been a journey through storm and stress and our students have sailed through.

We welcomed Dr. Omar Al Muthanna, Chief Executive Officer of the Social Regulatory and Licensing Agency for the Community Development Authority of Dubai as our chief guest. Dr. Omar is an inspiration to the young graduates who were galvanized with his visionary words.

Before joining CDA, Dr. Omar was heading the Licensing Department of Dubai Healthcare City with the responsibility to maintain the highest international standards of healthcare delivery. Prior to his appointment there, he worked as a cardiothoracic surgeon for the Dubai Health Authority. Furthermore, he is a graduate of The Mohammed Bin Rashid Program for Leadership Development.

"Last year 2020 was not an ordinary period and the students of Indian High School have successfully reached this stage despite the extraordinary and challenging times posed by COVID19. Your remarkable achievements truly deserve a great celebration."
- Dr. Omar Al Muthanna

They’ve made great memories.
They’ve learned so much.
They’ve set themselves up for success.
And this is definitely something to celebrate!