Assessment Guidelines – 2022-23

One of the integral elements of learning is assessment as it helps us to understand if the learning goals have been achieved by the learner. We follow a pattern of ongoing assessments that help us to gauge the learning and provide comprehensive feedback.

This feedback helps our students understand their strengths and areas of improvement in the subjects and gives them clear guidance on how to improve their learning. It is most productive to a student's learning when they are provided with an explanation as to what is accurate and inaccurate about their work.

The ongoing assessments have been integrated well into our curriculum.

Phase 1 - KG1 & KG2

  • Students are assessed on their achievement and progress in 6 areas of learning [Communication Language & Literacy, Numeracy, UOW, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Art & Creative Expressions].
  • Various strategies based on curriculum policies like maintaining a learning log, student portfolio, checklist of expected skills and observations during skill-based performance tasks are used to evaluate students.
  • Assessment data on student’s progress are gathered in the context of daily classroom experiences like whole class and small group lessons, circle time and class activities.
  • The term end report card will reflect the overall progress of the learner for the term.

Phase 2 - Grade 1-4

  • Internal short stake ongoing assessments like end of chapter test, mental math, dictation, comprehension passage, map work, drawing and labelling, investigative/hands-on activities and other classroom activities.
  • External digital tools like ABT – Non-Arab platform (Grade 2-4), Open Door (Grade 3 & 4-Math and Science), Achieve 3000 (Grade 3 & 4) and Rosen Level-Up (Grade 1 & 2), I-start Arabic (Grade 1-4).
  • Knowledge and Skill tracker rubrics based on content and skills is shared monthly with the parents for each subject.
  • The term end report card will reflect the overall progress of the learner for the term.