Abiding by the school's rules and regulations is mandatory. The school management reserves the right to reject any admission without assigning any reason.

While applying for admission, please keep a note of the following:

  • Filling in the registration form does not guarantee admission.
  • Admissions to all grades are subject to availability of seats.
  • Any attempt to fill more than one form per child will result in his/her disqualification for admission. Any incomplete/inaccurate data or any duplication/manipulation done in the registration process will result in rejection without any consideration and any advance fee paid will not be refunded.
  • All data in the registration form should be entered correctly. Entries with regard to name, date and place of birth and Emirates ID should be in conformity with the passport.
  • It is advisable to have the same name on the Emirates ID as in the passport. In the school record, the name of the student will be as mentioned in the Emirates ID.
  • Candidates on a visit visa are not eligible for admission unless they have applied for permanent residency.
  • It is mandatory to have a valid Emirates ID at the time of admission.
  • Admission will not be granted to candidates coming from unrecognized schools.
  • In keeping with instructions from the regulatory authorities:
    • For KG1 to Grade 1, Underage children cannot be granted admission.
    • From Grade 2 to 4, the age limit for children studying in a recognized school can be waived to some extent subject to approval from the regulatory authorities.
    • Below age criteria are applicable for the academic year 2022-23.


(31st March of the joining year is the cut-off date as per KHDA. If the child is already enrolled in a school in UAE for the current academic year 2021-22, 31st July will be applied as the cut-off date for age criteria.)



KG 1

01-04-2017 and 31-03-2018

4 years

5 years

KG 2

01-04-2016 and 31-03-2017

5 years

6 years


01-04-2015 and 31-03-2016

6 years

8 years


Based on Transfer Certificate from previous school

9 years


10 years


11 years

  • All admissions are subject to approval from the regulatory authorities and the child will not be treated as a bonafide student until approved by the regulatory authorities.
  • It is mandatory to submit the child's Vaccination Card (original) to the school medical centre before the commencement of classes. A parent may share the medical history of the child, if any, with the school medical centre.
  • Transport provided to all major parts subject to demand and availability.
  • The second language offered until Grade 4 is Hindi.

Provision for SEND

  • In the application form, there is a provision to indicate whether the candidate has any Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). The parent is required to declare about SEND in the form.
  • Parents should provide the school with copies of all medical, psychological, educational assessments for evaluation to determine whether the school can cater to the needs of the applicant; as such materials are a prerequisite in enabling the school to provide the best provision for the child.
  • The Principal in coordination with the head of inclusion and well-being scrutinizes the authenticity of the certificates for SEND.
  • The selected students must also contact the school medical centre to clear the medical requirement.

Submission of documents

  • It is mandatory for parents to provide complete and correct documents along with required attestations within the given timeline failing which the admission stands cancelled.
  • If the required documents are likely to be ready within a period of 15 days, the parent has to fill an undertaking form requesting the CEO / Principal for provisional admission for the child, by giving the probable date on which they would be able to submit the documents. In case it is not submitted on schedule, management has a right to take a call on the admission.
  • A maximum period of 15 days only will be granted for the purpose of considering provisional admission.
  • The application will be forwarded to the regulatory authorities for their information and approval. If the parent fails to submit the required documents in time as per their undertaking, the admission will be cancelled.
  • It is mandatory for all new admissions to be registered with KHDA using the Emirates ID after the process of admission is completed.
  • It is mandatory for parents to sign the Parent School Contract with KHDA after the process of admission is completed. Failure to do so may result in discontinuation of child's name.