We, at The Indian High School - AGC, believe that learning is more meaningful and enjoyable when content and process is learned in the context of real and present problems. The acquisition of knowledge and skills are enhanced when students construct their own meaning through knowledge and skill application.

We extend the regular curriculum by providing students with a wide range of experiences and regular activities to introduce a variety of exciting areas of interests. Our Curriculum Enrichment Programmes support cognitive, social, and physical development of the student and aid in fulfilling our vision of Creating Proactive Global (Digital) Citizens.

We introduce students to a variety of new experiences through collaboration and active participation. Our Curriculum Enrichment Programmes include:


Helps students to enhance the exposure to technology and create a path to a new world of innovation and creativity.


Art integration
Students engage in the creative process and develop their critical thinking, imagination, and other 21st-century learning skills.


Outdoor learning
Activity rooms and the various play and learn areas in the school campus help students to apply their classroom learning in a different context.


Field trips
The places which the students visit are well aligned with the topics in the curriculum e.g.: Museum, Expo site, Wildlife sanctuary etc. These provide extended learning opportunities to our students and enrich their learning experience beyond the textbook.


A plethora of clubs offered in the school contribute to the holistic development of our students.