DSIB Inspection Highlights 2023

The overall quality of education provided by the school was rated ‘Good.’ While ethics and student behaviour have been highlighted, the school has also been rated ‘Outstanding’ in the area of Students’ Personal and Social Development.

The Best Features of the School

  • Student behaviour, including work ethics as well as a deep understanding and appreciation of Islamic values.
  • The curriculum provides ample opportunities for children to develop their talents.
  • Child protection arrangements and the safety of school buildings and transport is excellent.
  • The Kindergarten has been described as ‘warm and welcoming.’
  • Interactions between teachers and students are respectful and positive across all grades.
  • There is considerable focus on issues of sustainability and conservation of the environment.

Students’ achievement in key subjects

  • Kindergarten learners have a very good understanding of science. Attainment and Progress in Science for KG and Primary levels are rated ‘Very Good.’ Most students understand and use scientific vocabulary well.
  • Students of determination are making good progress with personalized learning plans.
  • The school has received a ‘Very Good’ rating for KG and Primary’s learning skills.
  • Primary students taking Islamic Education are making good progress.

Other top strengths

  • The school has recently updated its cyber safety measures.
  • Students are provided with ample opportunities to showcase their creativity.
  • A strong dedication to student wellbeing, with activities being conducted daily to ensure a positive classroom atmosphere prevails.
  • The school has received an ‘Outstanding’ rating for Students’ Personal and Social Development, which comprises Personal Development, Understanding of Islamic Values & Awareness of Emirati and World Cultures, as well as Social Responsibility & Innovative Skills.
  • The inclusion team works effectively to ensure early and accurate identification of the needs of students of determination.
  • School community safety and wellbeing is prioritized by leaders.


Other Highlights


Attainment and Progress for KG and Primary levels are rated “VERY GOOD.” Most students understand and use scientific vocabulary well.


Health and safety, including arrangements for child protection / safeguarding has been rated “OUTSTANDING.” All staff receive regular training on health and safety, safeguarding and child protection.


Parents & Community received an “OUTSTANDING” rating. Parents note that staff promptly address their concerns and seek their input when considering new strategies.