Student happiness and wellbeing is an integral aspect of learning, individual development and participation. Successful learning is, to a large extent, dependent on the quality of the learning environment and it is the human relationships in the school that most impact the quality of this environment.

The student happiness and wellbeing initiatives at IHS-AGC aim to achieve the school's vision of ‘creating proactive global citizens’ through comprehensive and integrated strategies that support the cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing of students.

The school is committed to providing a safe, secure and inclusive learning environment for all students. We implemented the following strategies that promote and support student well-being.


Heartfulness Practice

We have joined hands with the ‘Heartfulness Foundation’ to practically support the overall wellbeing of students, teachers and parents. Heartfulness is all about living by the heart. It is a simple heart-based meditation technique where we tune in to the heart and learn to be centred on our Highest Self.


Project One

The kindness project has been launched for the students, teachers and parents of the IHS group of schools. Every kindness project starts with ‘doing’. Students are engaged in various creative activities, to explore, promote and experience caring and compassionate behaviour. Learning by doing, helps their ideas become real and tangible; and repetition helps them to start forming new habits.


Project One Root

A campaign to promote cancer awareness. We joined hands with the Indian Cancer Society (ICS) which is closely associated with various NGOs and hospitals such as Tata Memorial Hospital working for the cause. This campaign’s primary goal is to ensure that wigs are distributed free of cost to marginalized women cancer patients.


Happiness Hub

Happiness Hub is a weekly session for young learners of Grade 1 to 4. A platform to display their unique skills, build confidence and have their own fun time. It helps create a rapport between the teacher and students out of the academic circle. Happiness Hub is held in a dedicated weekly period and this helps them to build their social skills and confidence besides bonding with their teacher, peers and family.


Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum

We are always strengthening ways to boost students’ wellbeing through resources powered by PEEC, Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum. The introduction of each lesson provides the necessary context for students so that they can understand the real-world applications of the core wellbeing concepts and practices. Moral education teachers use this value-add resource during the last 15 minutes of the period and encourage students to engage with it during the week and share reflections.


Whole School Approach To Promote Mental Health And Wellbeing

To further develop the Mental Health and wellbeing, various counselling approaches are integrated in curriculum. Programs such as Dance Movement Therapy, Activity based counselling and art as therapy are incorporated in Art, PE and dance classes. It fosters social, emotional and personal development. Improved self-esteem, empathy and problem-solving ability is targeted.


Student Leadership

Leadership is promoted at all levels in the school through explicit extra-curricular programs and curriculum. Student Council Members undergo leadership training that fosters positive interpersonal skills among students and staff while executing various responsibilities. Student leaders develop and sustain a motivated learning community where students experience success on a regular basis.


Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education is a vital component of our students’ physical development and wellbeing. Our PE curriculum is both broad and balanced providing access to team and individual sports, thereby allowing students to develop both mental and physical wellbeing.

Additional school programs that promote student wellbeing

  • Annual Picnic
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Camps and Visits
  • Educational Tours
  • Annual Days, Talents Days and House Day Programmes
  • Thematic Assemblies
  • Buddy system for learners to cope with academic challenges
  • Celebrations of local, national and international festivals
  • Student Wellbeing Champions to plan strategies that aim at creating a positive and happy environment
  • Behaviour Intervention Plan (BIP) is used as a proactive action plan to address behaviour (s) that are impeding the learning of the student
  • Counsellor’s Message board promoting smooth transitions, wellbeing
  • Thrive Program wherein Counsellors teach students the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for academic/ social/ emotional development