The concept of sustainability is ingrained among our students through our curriculum, student projects, score of co-curricular and extracurricular activities and events planned by the school such as thematic assemblies, best out of waste projects, de-light monitors, can-collection drive, charity drives, poster making competitions, celebration of world environment day, earth hour etc. The school encourages students to practice the use of the 3Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle, in every area of their life.

A brief description of some of these initiatives is as follows:

Kitchen Garden: Students across the school gain hands-on experience of digging, planting seeds and watering them. Children learn how to grow healthy food and understand that having a Kitchen garden does not only improve health but also provides opportunities for livelihood and increases self-sufficiency.

Clean-up Campaign: The students participate in various clean-up campaigns with an aim to create a cleaner and a healthier world. This also helps them to lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Expo School Programme aims to inspire and empower the next generation to explore, create and learn in a fun, immersive, and safe environment. School students across the UAE are invited to share their exciting, and innovative ideas. Young innovators must think outside the box to create their visions for the future across any discipline based on the themes of mobility, opportunity, and sustainability.