The Science Activity Room

It is a station where hands-on learning through science experiments and activities is practiced which fuels curiosity and sparks creativity among students thereby fostering scientific learning in early childhood.


Techno-vation Hub

The facility aims to mould our students as creators and innovators. The room is equipped with high class smart board and a 3D printer. It is an initiative that reconceives the idea of innovation with technology, with exclusive focus on 3D designing.


Reading Corners

These self-reading corners have been shaped in the primary block with a deliberate intent at encouraging students to read on their own and at their own pace. Several books, magazines and reading material of their interest have been placed here.


Kidzy Labs

These labs are especially designed to facilitate learning in a play-way method for our tiny tots of KG in a completely different environment which is engaging, enjoyable and exciting.



The IHS FM is an in-house entertainment channel that is by, of, and for the students of the school which helps in fostering a sense of oneness and belonging. The IHS FM offers "infotainment" by way of news, views, interviews and reviews for the students every day during the recess break. It encourages creativity through the conceptualization and execution of original, informative and entertaining programmes, providing students with a unique forum to boost their confidence and public speaking skills.


Physical Education

Regular weekly physical education classes for the students of KG1 to Grade 4 on the campus.



The Book Barn (our library) has a collection of books on diverse topics for students of different age groups and also for our staff to read, refer to and use for research, projects and extended learning. It is a prime center for the innovative project ‘Reading Programme’ which aims at inculcating a love of reading among the students.


Medical/Wellness Center

The Medical/Wellness Centre is fully equipped with multiple beds, two full-time doctors and nurses. The students are encouraged to drop into the Wellness Centre to seek assistance as and when they need it.



The school canteen provides our students and staff with healthy and nutritious food options. A strict standard of hygiene is maintained by the vigilant staff.



It is a fully air-conditioned facility with a seating capacity of 300 people. Various in house programmes such as orientation, intra and inter school events, seminars, meetings and workshops are conducted here regularly.


Centre Stage

It is a multipurpose air-conditioned hall which can house approximately 500 people. It is used for thematic assemblies, various programmes and events of the school. It is also used for many sports related activities – Badminton, Yoga, Gymnastics to name a few.



It is an open multi-use central space in the school which comprises of tennis and basketball courts. It also has a free play area with varied activities designed and laid out for our kids. We carry out our school assembly during winter days and celebrate several occasions such as Annual Days, UAE National Day, Children’s Day.


Jiggle Wiggle Station

It is a multipurpose outdoor space created to encourage learning through various physical activities. Water play, Music wall and many floor games have been designed for our Kindergarten students.


Music and Dance Rooms

Music and dance are an integral part of the curriculum. We have well-equipped rooms where our students are encouraged to discover and develop their talents.


Reading Room/Corners

These spaces in KG have been created with a special focus on developing the reading skills. Here students are provided with reading material and strategies to help them become better readers.


Covered Play Area for KG

It has a variety of fun rides for the children to enjoy where kids are taken under supervision.


Grass Area

It is an easily accessible grass area which provides free play opportunities for our students in a safe, supervised setting. Many events and activities are also carried out during the cooler months of the academic year such as learning walks, Annual Sports Day, Mini Sports Funtasia (Inter school event).