Committed to our vision of creating proactive global citizens, we invest in making education an experience!

With ‘Technology & Innovation’, we empower our students with the skills necessary to take on the world that is defined by change.  At IHS-AG, students embrace technology, fuel their intellectual curiosity and redefine the realm of innovation and Science. We prepare our aspiring innovators for careers that do not exist currently. 

Benefits of integrating Technology & Innovation in the curriculum:  

  • Prepares students to be responsible and innovative digital citizens 
  • Makes learning interesting and engaging 
  • Helps develop diverse sets of knowledge and skills  
  • Provides ample design, implementation, and research opportunities

What we do:

Design Based Learning

Design Based Learning is incorporated into curriculum to engage students with digital design activities for enhancing their spatial visualization skills, creativity, and critical thinking. In this project-based curriculum delivered under STEAM framework, students use TinkerCAD, a computer aided design tool to apply the knowledge gained in key subjects such as Mathematics in designing solutions for real world problems.


Coding Curriculum

Coding skills are developed through specially designed computer science and coding curriculum in primary, using multiple tools for learning computational thinking, physical computing and block-based programming. Coding is introduced to KG children as screenless activities in a fun and engaging manner.


Tech@Magical Friday

Coding and digital design skills are further developed by engaging learners with activities that provide opportunities to use tech tools in a fun way for exercising their creativity and demonstrating digital citizenship.


Urban Farming

Curriculum is enriched with farming projects, integrating science, technology and environment awareness, to educate young minds about healthy eating habits and significance of recycling for a sustainable future.