As a very proud alumnus of this noble institution, I feel privileged and honored to be here again in the Diamond Jubilee year of our school and contribute to its growth. It is a privilege to be a part of the rich tradition of excellence that has existed for over 60 years and as a product of this community, it is with unmatched passion and dedication that I serve each and every student, parent and staff.

At The Indian High group of Schools, we work together to ensure that our students reach their fullest potential. We believe and thrive on the idea that all of us - the school and the community - must work together as an extended family to ensure success for all our students. It’s our responsibility to empower students with the creative, intellectual, and decision-making skills necessary for them to become academically, socially, physically, and emotionally successful.

Unconditional positive regard and appreciation is at the centre of what we do, and we have created an institution that is welcoming, caring, safe, and warm, and believes that all its pupils can be supported and empowered to succeed. We are creating individual and personalised pathways for our students that are built around their varied needs to help them achieve positive outcomes and prepare them for their onward destinations.

Punit MK Vasu
The Indian High Group of Schools, Dubai.


With decades of senior management and leadership experience in portfolio management, investment banking, government administration, strategy planning and execution within public education and for-profit schools, universities and colleges, Mr. Punit MK Vasu is one of the youngest entrepreneurs to have set up K-12 and tertiary education institutions in Dubai and the region. His most recent contributions were with transnational higher education providers within the UAE, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Government of Dubai, Varkey Group and GEMS Global Holding. He is the CEO of The Indian High Group of Schools, which is one of the largest and oldest not for profit school groups with over 13,000 students.