“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

- Benjamin Franklin


The Indian High Group of Schools is what it is today because of our beliefs, our persistence to keep our beliefs sacred and our ability to pursue them with the collective energy of each of our stakeholders.

It has taken us 60 years to get where we have, but in each of those 60 years there has been something added, something unique that has sustained our founding principle of building a global intellectual community, while keeping education affordable and accessible for students and their families.

Our 3 campuses are as related in their academic practices, as they are diverse in their mission. The most recognisable one due its longest history is the Oud Metha campus, whose students have claimed local and international recognition on multiple occasions through their achievements in the CBSE board exams, the Hamdan awards, the international competitions and finally the universities they get accepted to. The Al Garhoud campus continues to retain the faith of the Indian community as the most trusted institution for first time school goers and the early years of schooling. The IIS-DSO campus has been conceptualised as a premium institution that specialises in a globalised education, but retains our ethos of service to the community.

There cannot be a better forum for me to share my pride and honor in heading an institution with such a rich past and glory than this page. From conception through each of the 60 years, each member of the Board of Trustees of this glorious institution has invested time, energy and money, with no form or shape of returns, except through the success stories of each of the hundreds of students who pass through our portals year on year. Our facilities and resources, including our auditorium, labs, libraries, sports centres, ICT are legendary. We set out to serve and we continue serving till this day.

We have been extremely blessed in this journey to find the teachers and leaders who have brought into each of their classrooms and campuses, the energy and persistence required to shape the lives of the generations of students whom they have nurtured. Our parent community keeps their faith and trust in us as exemplified by the numbers of our K through 12 students.

When the foundation of The Indian High School was laid in 1961, its mission was to develop future leaders who understand and commiserate world cultures and can contribute to the global society. Today, as we head towards our Diamond Jubilee, we have an extraordinary agglomeration of teachers, leaders and innovators who create ‘Proactive Global Citizens’.

Harish Pawani
Hon. Chairman,
The Indian High Group of Schools, Dubai.