It’s raining victory at the Indian High School, Al Garhoud!



The star cast of Grade 3 participated in the category of Ad-Mad Show at the Delhi Private School, Dubai in a Multidisciplinary Interschool Event, Future Fiesta '23 on Wednesday, 14th June 2023.

The ‘cast and crew’ of Grade 3 stood in second place and were highly appreciated by the panel of judges and the audience. Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, props, costumes, and presentation of an innovative theme-based commercial won them thunderous applause.

Our star cast included:
Meera Balkawade 3F, Ayana Fatima 3B, Vighnesh Kumaramangalam 3N, Aagam Sanghvi 3N, Darsh Mehrotra 3X.

Congratulations to our winning ad creators! Innovation is our magic key to success!