IHS teams make a brilliant maneuver to gain honours in 4×4 in Schools Technology Challenge UAE Nationals 2021


The Indian High School teams participated in the UAE National Finals 2021 of 4x4 in schools technology challenge conducted by YAS in Schools, Abu Dhabi and won top honours. The Indian High School, Dubai dominated the challenge by bagging 3 out of the 7 awards presented.

Team MERCURIUS, comprising Adnan Ahmed Fazulbhoy - 12 Sci H, Mohammad Faiz Zakir Malik - 12 Sci H, Adeeb Khan - 12 Sci H, Mohammad Hammaad Mondal - 12 Com H, and Saad Shehzad Lakdawala - 12 Sci I, have bagged outright second position and topped the development category. The team also won the best team verbal presentation award. Team MERCURIUS are the eligible UAE representatives in the 4x4 world finals. Please click here to view their presentation video.

Team TRITON, comprising Avinash Saraf - 12 Sci G, Hayden Soares - 12 Sci G, Rangaraajan Muralidaran - 12 Sci G, Shaun Jacob - 12 Sci G, Umar Shaikh - 12 Sci G and Rian Pinto - 12 Sci G, have bagged outright third position and scored second highest in the development category. Please click here to view their presentation video.

Team ACE CRUISERS, the third team from IHS, comprising Ammar Ujjainwala - 12 Sci I, Abhiram Rajesh - 12 Sci I, Abraar Mohammed Hussain - 12 Sc I, Amal Pramod - 12 Sci H, Ebin Royce - 12 Sci H and Mohamad Shamsuddin Gangavalu - 12 Sci G, performed well in the Terrain challenge and Trailer Tow challenge. Please click here to view their presentation video.

Our heartiest congratulations to our students on their winning and appreciations to their dedication, perseverance and attention to detail.